Penultimate Walk by Minnehaha Creek

Wow. Since my last post a lot of things have happened in the life of the Willards. Next month we will be moving from Minnesota to Texas, where I will become the Rector of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston. The easiest way to get caught up on the events that led to all of this is to read this post on the blog of my wife Carrie: “From the North Star State to the Lone Star State . . .”

This past weekend I said farewell to the people of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Edina, Minnesota. As you would expect, it was a bittersweet moment. I was a little emotional in the pulpit and, at the end, when I walked down the aisle with our two sons, each of whom was born in Minnesota and baptized in that church.

The picture below shows the windows of the Rector’s study at St. Stephen’s that overlook Minnehaha Creek. They’re the ones on the upper-left side. From there I’ve seen everything from bald eagles in the winter to all sorts and conditions of humanity floating downstream in the summer in kayaks and canoes and on inner tubes and at least one homemade raft that Huckleberry Finn himself would have admired. All of that and so much more inspired this blog, Laughing Water.

I took this picture on Saturday afternoon, when the Rector’s study was mostly empty and I decided to take my penultimate walk by the creek – a holy moment.


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